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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  April 28, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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home. >> reporter: police credit the quick actions of the 9-year-old for thwarting the abduction. they don't know if the getaway car was nearby. meanwhile, thisfer of six says he will re-enforce to his children how to react to a stranger. >> we do talk to our children about it. we say, you know, there are people out there that -- aren't nice people. and you want to, you know, not the standard things and avoid stranger you don't know except police officers. you know, if you ever see anybody that you don't know, don't listen to them. don't go help them find a kitten or whatever. come right back home and to your big brother, wherever it is you are. that's why we try to tell them. we still re-enforce that. >> reporter: police issued this description. white male between 40 to 50 years old. 5'8" to 5'9". 170 pounds, blond goatee and a small silver hoop earring in his right here. anyone that might have a lead in this case is asked to call prince william county police. in the meantime, the
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neighborhood is on edge and more reaction from neighbors coming up at 6:00. jim? >> frightening close call here. jane watrel live in bristow, virginia. jane, thank you. two people onboard plane that was traveling from maryland to mississippi were killed when the aircraft went down in eastern kentucky. this was a small plane. it went down in a mountainous area in leslie county. a rescuer took a picture of the plane on his cell phone. faa records list the hawker beach craft 58 and as registered to a company in woodbine, maryland, called island trading. a plane on its way to dulles was diverted today because of a bomb threat. the continental express flight from houston was diverted to greensboro, north carolina, after a bomb threat was written on a mirror in the bathroom. the plane did land safely just before 11:00 this morning and law enforcement was waiting for the plane when it arrived. the family of a paramedic killed when a medical helicopter crashed in prince george's county is now suing the
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government. the crash happened back on september of 2008. mickic lipy was one of four people killed when their medevac chopper went down in foggy weather in district heights. one person survived. but has had more than 20 surgery since. investigators put part of the blame for the crash on air traffic controllers provided outdated weather information. the familiar sly suing the federal government for $15 million. their attorney says his wife and young daughter deserve restitution because the air traffic controllers were negligent. thanksgiving break is going to be longer and a lot less lucrative for thousands of loudoun county school employees. the school board there has approved november 2322 and 23 as furlough days to help deal with a serious budget squeeze. news4's aaron gilchrist is here in the studio with more on what this means for staff, students, and parents, too. >> reporter: this furlough amounts 10,000 school employees in loudoun county, they knew it
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was coming. last night the school board -- on any given day, classrooms are packed in loudoun county. the stun population is at 60,000 and growing. come next school year, though the school system's budget will be smaller. to tune of $22 million. >> at the same time we are going to be opening three new schools, two high schools, and we will be bringing in 3,257 new students. we have a budget squeeze going on here. >> reporter: one part of the solution is to furlough everybody. teachers,custodians, bus drivers, anybody else who gets a paycheck from loudoun schools. spokesman wade says everyone knew the unpaid days off were coming. they are saving the system $4.4 million. the question was when. >> sent out an e-mail with a poll giving them four options as to where they would want their days to be cut. they took the thanksgiving option. >> reporter: loudoun county education association says that this furlough is not an extended vacation, though. it is a pay cut. the association is disappointed county supervisors forced school
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leaders to make. the school district says that the furlough coupled with increased class sizes and third year without pay raises and not filling central office positions was the best bad option. >> we could have raised fees for participation in sports and testing and parking fees. we did cut high school summer school but could cut all summer school and cut 393 jobs. >> aaron reports that baird said salaries make up 88% of the school budget so that there was -- that was where the adjustments would have the most impact. 42,000 e-mails went out to parents and employees this morning. telling them about their furlough plan. and their reaction is coming up tonight on "news4 at 6:00." funding for the new contract for teachers in the district, that could now be in jeopardy. private donors earlier this month pledged $64.5 million to help fund the new teacher raises. but the donors have a written agreement that says that the deal is based on chancellor
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michelle rhee keeping her job. the dispute over the private money may have more immediate effect that chief financial officer for the school is expected later this week if the private money is not guaranteed, the city legally cannot implement the new contract for the teachers. it was a chilly morning for the kids at the bus stop today. little bit brisk out there, breezy. we are going to get a lot warmer. aren't we? >> that's right. after tomorrow morning, though, it will be another cold one during the overnight period. you know, what we dropped down to the 30s, baltimore, close to freezing and those ground temperatures are about at least 5 degrees lower than what we get on the actual air temperature here. 43 is where we started the day in d.c. look at that. baltimore to howard county, columbia and ellicott city 34. sterling and leesburg, start is 37 degrees. again, just as cold, just as low the temperatures tonight. we barely hit 60 degrees across the area today. here we go with skies clear again. we have more frost to talk about.
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frost, even fog. howard county north and west of d.c. to fairfax, now through prince william and cull pepper and rappahannock just off to the west. high pressure moves in and back side of that we will get a chance to warm up. clear skies tonight. your fast forecast shows that it will be chilly, breezy evening. jim and wendy, then warmer sunshine and headed our way as -- not too far away. stick ruined for the forecast. i will have it coming up. >> good time to bundle up in the caps jerseys. >> oh yeah. icy there. . going to be hot tonight. pressure is on. do or die night, folks. caps fans planning on rocking the red for game seven at verizon. >> they have to win this one to advance to the next round of the playoffs. greg melvin joins us. at the verizon center with fans getting fired up. hey, craig. >> reporter: fired up indeed. you guys have been down here. you know that the caps fans are rarely subdued but the road we ran into, they seem especially stoked about game seven. we -- spent a few minutes in the
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green turtle a short time ago and ran into guys who got an early start on the pre-game festivities. you may not know the caps are tied 3-3. facing elimination tonight. they look confident. they sound confident. but the guy we ran into that made the drive from canada. >> canadian fan. >> reporter: you made the drive for game seven. >> just for game seven. we bought tickets on the faet and came down here. >> reporter: what you do you think happens tonight? >> we will win in overtime. >> reporter: your team made good. some guys say you have been lucky. >> no. we got a goaltender. >> reporter: game seven. >> yes. >> reporter: what do you you
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this happens? >> what will happen? ovechkin -- 6-2, 7-1. >> reporter: blowout? >> yes. >> reporter: bold prediction considering -- >> goalie can't have another night like he did the other night. unbelievable. i give credit where credit is due. >> reporter: you know, it is funny how score prediction pass generally depend which team you pull for. corner of 7th and f. we will be back here at 11:00. there will be one of two scenarios. caps fans will be pouring out of there and very, very sad and angry or they will be jubilant, excited. looking forward to the second ground hoping for a latter scenario. we are live at the verizon center. >> you are so psychic. one or the other. you and that -- you know sixth sense of yours. >> craig melvin on the case for us tonight. good luck. have done, buddy. coming up on "news4 at 5:00," new exclusive. 911 tape after man was murdered
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in his home. police say the person that could help solve the case is still out there. sandra bulk on breaks her silence today. "news4 at 5:00" is just getting started. coming up tonight on "news4 at 5:00," a raging fire at a virginia marina. find out why hazmat crews were called to the scene. plus, going down, ventilation shaft makes a crash landing in d.c. neighbors is a take on rowdy college kids. we will reveal their most powerful weapon to win some peace and quiet.
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turns out actress sandra bulk on has been keeping a couple of big secrets. she told "people" magazine she filed for divorce from heres stranged husband. bulk on also reveal she had adopt ad 3-month-old boy named louis and plans to raise him as a single parent. the boy was born in new orleans. according to the article, bulk on and james began the adoption process four years ago but they decided to keep it a secret through the academy awards earlier this year and even after james' highly publicized affair. despite the pain she's been through, bulk on told "people" she loves being a new mom. bulk on filed for divorce. >> consumed by the joy of being a mom. she talks about the baby rolling
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over and about the smell of mill october his neck and best smell ever even though she smelled of perfume. she's magnanimous about jesse. they worked through some things and is upset and bittersweet. the door is open precisely what their relationship will be like in the future. she's roadie to move on as a single mom. >> bulk on filed for divorce friday in texas where she has a home. conflict of personalities as the reason for the split. toyota is announcing yet another vehicle recall today. the automaker says it is recalling 50,0002003 sequoias. the problem they say is in the car's stability control system. the the system can activate at low speed. the glitch prevents the suv from accelerating as quick quickly as the driver expects it to. toyota says the software upgrade to fix the problem is what is needed. it was a growing problem in charles county, maryland, during the 2007 school year. 19 agers died in auto accidents
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to put it into the tragic new -- a driver safety program and they have had some amazing results ever since. john schriffen is here to tell bus that. >> reporter: according to your shirns which provides auto insurance in charles county, nearly 20% of auto accidents are caused by teens. a company says common causes are cell phones, alcohol, and not having enough experience on the road. after losing too many of the young people, charles county sheriff's department decided that the excuses behind the wheels were no longer acceptable. >> great personality. someone tragically lost. >> reporter: in november of 2007, 15-year-old stephanie was killed as a passenger in this mangled wreck. the teenager driver of the car lost control while speeding on the way to school. tragically in that same school year, eight other teens in charles county were killeding in auto accidents. close friends like shelby wells are determined not to let others
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die in vain. >> we are trying to save other students so it doesn't happen to them. >> reporter: part of the county wide program called we care. after all these tragic children were killed in our community we had to do something about it. we really felt compelled to do something. >> reporter: the program start bid the charles county sheriff's department teams up with area high schools to teach youngsters the importance of driver safety. today a single leader showed teenagers what it is like to be drunk behind the wheel. >> it was weird. like i couldn't control anything pretty much. i would never drunk drive after that. >> it was scary. i couldn't -- i couldn't control it. >> reporter: drivers simulator is one part of a weeklong event leading up to the school's prom on friday. the most shocking day comes tomorrow when students and faculty participate in something called red for dead. students will be picked out of class at random and put a red shirt on. once they put the shirt on they are dead for the day and cannot talk. at the end of the day those
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students will be brought out in front of the school. >> reporter: that display will represent the 91 teenagers killed every week nationwide in auto accidents. but thankfully since the start of the program in the fall of 2008, charles county hasn't seen a single one. >> please drive safe and remember that it is not just your life. it is everybody's life in your hands. >> reporter: now i also had a chance to get behind the wheel of the drunk driving simulator and got the sample dui citation after i was done. i got two vialations for driving on the wrong side of the road. one violation causing a collision and also i caused two fatalities behind the wheel. what is scary about the simulator, the blood content level set in the machine was only for the equivalent of one to three drinks. wendy and jim, it shows it does not take much to impair your judgment. >> you are a big guy, too. somebody smaller could -- could have had even more of an impact. all right, john. thank you. eye opener. veronica joins us now. chilly start to the day. we didn't get up to the 60s today. >> no, no. through the area, it was chilly all day long.
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it was beautiful. nice puffy clouds that make it so pretty. yeah. well the clouds are going to be leaving the area. and once again, it is going to be a cold night. i'm going with the word cold here now. it was nippy this morning. meanwhile, coming up on the other side of things tomorrow, some of the best days we have seen since the past weekend. with 60 degrees now at reagan national airport, dew point temperature at 28 degrees. and again, still breezy. northwest wind at 21 miles per hour. pollen count is at 354 grains per cubic meter. here we go. big storm system, you can see the counterclockwise spin. that's the low-pressure system. right there. just off the coast of maine. widespread clouds still swinging through the last of them here what we are getting this evening. but getting -- clouds moving out. skies will con to clear. look at that. once again, all checkered out. these will be the advisories for the overnight.
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frost advisory that goes from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. once again tomorrow morning. down through the carolinas so frost and some shower fog that should burn off quickly tomorrow. so -- we will be dealing with both tomorrow. storm heads away and high pressure will be moving in on the back side of that high, winds will be out of the west and out of the southwest come friday. so really shooting up there. including for the weekend. meanwhile, from -- t high pressure system to the low-pressure system in the west coast, that's the next storm system that has been producing heavy rain and as it heads to the east, it will be another big severe weather maker. wait until you see in just a moment. things heating up into the 80s. we will have close to 80 already. dallas, texas. even all the way into the northern plains. heat and more moisture so for tomorrow, there is a risk of severe weather that does include tornadoes. for areas of the nation's midsection up to minnesota and areas of northwestern missouri and then here we go by friday, that area pivots to the east. spots like chicago and down through little rock as well as
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new orleans. and for saturday, there could even be some thunderstorms around the kentucky derby. look at that. kentucky, ohio, cleveland, and still down south, it is sunday where we have the best chance for seeing showers and storms here. we get a little bit more heating going during the afternoon than what we see saturday. 48 hours of futurecast, folks. high pressure moves in. look at the clear skies. that's early tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine and we are going to rise quickly tomorrow. temperatures will be bouncing up into the 70s tomorrow. and on the back side of that high southwesterly wind and out ahead of the cold front, lots of warmth, squeezing through the area. so the next 48 hours are going to be pretty much clear to mostly clear. your forecast for this evening, partly cloudy, breezy. temperature will drop from the low 60s to the mid 50s. then by the time we get to tomorrow morning, clear and chilly again. quite nippy with frost and fog to deal with. may want to get an early start to the day tomorrow. 37 to 44, range in temperatures with light west wind to our
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morning at five miles per hour. and then warmer, warmer sunshine through the day tomorrow. and instead of staying under the 60-degree mark we should get above 70. right now, 70-some degrees. that's the average high for this time of year. and then well above that it feels like june starting on friday. right through the weekend. i know we have showers and storms posted on saturday. but notice the word late. there's only a 30% chance. so -- don't change your outdoor plans by any means. during the evening hours, after about 7:00, 8:00, we could have a few showers or storms. >> thanks, veronica. coming up on "news4 at 5:00" -- find out why hazmat crews are called to the virginia shore. >> we are going to tell you what is being called the condom cape other the local college campus. i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs. just in time for summer vacation, big changes coming to an airport near you. what you need to know before you
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book your next flight. >> tomorrow is thursday, worst traffic day of the week. we will get you through it with weather and traffic on the 1s. >> start your day with "news4 today" starting at 4:30 in the morning.
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a massive fire broke out before dawn at arena in norfolk, virginia.
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it took heroic effort by firefighters to keep the entire facility from burning up. three boats sank and three others damaged. big environmental concerns, hazmat teams are there to contain the leaking fuel. no word yet on what sparked the blaze. fire in the gulf, officials there are trying to contain that massive oil leak from the rig explosion there. now they decided to set it on fire. huge environmental disaster. robotic -- robot submarines have not been able to shut off the well which is spewing hundreds and thousands of gallons of oil into the water. cleanup crews decided to light it on fire thinking that might be the best option to keep it from contaminating nearby environmentally sensitive marsh lands. this slick is less than 20 miles from the mouth of the mississippi. and close to some of the gulf of mexico's richest oyster beds. people along the florida panhandle is they are getting an odd smell from spill. starting to smell like paint
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thinner. air traffic controller missed a critical pilot error right before last summer's deadly mid air collision over the hudson river. that's according to new information out today from ntsb investigators. nine people died last august when a helicopter and private jet smashed into each other in mid air. and ntsb report says the air traffic controller on duty at nearby peter borrow airport didn't realize that the plane pilot was on the wrong radio frequency. report also says that the controller was distracted by three other conversations. and that he was making a personal phone call at the time. >> there could be last-minimum breakthrough in the battle over the financial reform bill. democratic leaders threatened to keep the senate in session all night to force republicans to agree to move the bill to the floor for debate. the bill has been blocked three times so far. now it appears that stand-off could be coming to a close. bipartisan negotiators reached a compromise on some of the more
5:26 pm
controversial aspectsful bill. the republican caucus is holding a closed door meeting to decide whether to end the filibuster and begin the debate. stay right there. whole lot more to come. "news4 at 4:00" exclusive. murder during a home robbery. hear the 911 tapes and new clues that could help crack this case, next. neighborhood battle brewing between home owners and college kids who like to party. we will tell you how it is playing out for everyone to see. >> we will show you one very unusual car crash caught on tape. stay with us.
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only on news4 the wife of a man murdered by a gunman that vanded his home is talking tonight. police are looking for a witness. one particular witness to come forward. welcome back p.m. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. ahead in this half hour, warning tonight, some men are being drugged and robbed. long time friends and colleagues of dr. dorothy height are coming together to celebrate a rshgable life and there's a new clue in the case of the kensington jewelry store shooting. >> our top story at 5:30, police
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in prince george's county want to hear from a tipster who called them about a home invasion murder last except. and now the widow of the man who was killed is asking for answers. pat collins is joining us with in news4 exclusive. pat? >> reporter: this story is for everyone to see. but it is meant especially for tipster 09098. you called police before. they want to hear from you again. they believe that you have the key clue to solve this troubling case of murder. >> 911. what's the location of the emergency? [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: in the dark hours of the morning, september 27th, 2009, home invasion here on
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marlee drive. the suspects, wearing latex gloves, carrying pistols, a machine gun. the target, tyrone richardson, businessman and entrepreneur. in the basement of his home, they used electrical cords to tie up his wife and children. they tied them to some chairs. then they tied mr. richardson's arms together and led him through the house yelling where's the safe? where's the safe? this goes on for about an hour. mr. richardson, his mouth taped, his hands tied, beaten and tortured. his body left dead on the floor of his garage. house wife secretly called 911 for help but by the time police got here, the suspects were long gone. mr. richardson was the father of
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four children. ages 6 to 12. >> tore my family apart. i have four children. zreept dad in their life. now he's not there. i have a husband, man i had been with since i was 18 years old, you know. who i thought was going to be my life long companion is not there. we are in a total -- our world is turned upside down. >> reporter: why this man? why this house? deep in the marlee community. mr. richardson just turned 40 years old and had a big party here. he had band. large crowd. some people he knew. some people he didn't. they believe that party may have given some people some ideas. which brings us back to tipster 09098. they believe that tipster may have some answers to those questions. >> please call us. the family needs you. the community needs you. and the police department needs you. i believe you have additional
5:33 pm
information that can help me with this case. >> reporter: so tipter 09098, call police. you know the number. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. police are are questioning a shooting victim found in northwest d.c. to see if he had a hand in jewelry store robby in montgomery county. police found the man with a bullet in his arm in the 1400 block yesterday afternoon. that was a couple of hours after an attempted jewelry store heist in kensington, maryland, howard avenue. police say two men -- had his own firearm and the owner shot at the suspects that fled. the investigators are trying to see if the man could be one of those two suspects. public celebration of the life of dr. dorothy height will get under way at 7:00 tonight at the shiloh baptist church in northwest washington. this morning, there was a private viewing for family members and longtime friends. tracee wilkins has our report.
5:34 pm
>> this morning, members of the congressional black caucus arrived at the headquarters at the national council of negro women. to pay their final respects to a civil rights icon. for d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton, staying good-bye to dr. height is far more than saying good-bye to a colleague. it is the loss of a constituent and friend. >> once she came to the city she alerted me that she was going to become my constituent. she spent most of her life in new york city. she became more than my constituent. she became one of us. >> reporter: many of the women with the congressional black caucus say that it was the current -- dr. height that paved the way for them. >> we will miss her. dr. height would want us to carry it forward. >> reporter: d.c. mayor 10sy and speaker of the house nancy pelosi were among the many that
5:35 pm
paid tribute this morning. >> she lived her life honoring the pledge to the flag. libber zpi justice for all. she was a great patriot. she's also a great friend. we all loved her very much. and we will miss her very much. >> reporter: while this morning's viewing was private, yesterday there was a public viewing. allowing the hundreds who had admired the civil and women's right pioneer from afar. to say thank you in person. tracee wilkins, news4. >> dr. height's funeral service will begin tomorrow morning at 10:00 at the national cathedral. it is open to the public. president obama is expected to deliver the eulogy. still ahead, is the panda pregnant or not 1234 the national zoo release as final report. >> warmup in the extended so, this is the new car? yeah, here she is. it's, uh...great. thanks! yeah. doors would have been nice. eh... they weren't in my budget. no biggie. hey, you wanna hop in, go for a ride?
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tonight's "wednesday's child" is a wonderful young man with a delightful outgoing personal. he likes building pgs and would love to build a relationship with an adoptive family. news4's barbara harrison takes us to meet luke. >> reporter: i think we are going to have fun today. we will get to see you make something out of wood.
5:39 pm
in a tiny alley near georgia avenue in northwest washington, we found one of the workshops of the craftsman group. we looked for christian kelleher. i want you to meet luke. as a builder he thought luke might enjoy building a special box to hold his treasures. >> this will be the interior. >> reporter: luke at 14 says he likes building things. as a foster child, the idea of something that could last, be permanent, appealing. >> luke was placed in foster care in 2007. unfortunately he had some needs that his parents could not meet. >> reporte >> the nail gun. >> it went in really fast. what did it feel like when you did that? >> reporter: luke said it was easier once he got the hang of it. luke enjoys being creative and was happy when christian fit his corners and had come together perfectly. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> reporter: at his school, luke says they don have woodworking classes but they do have
5:40 pm
cooking. >> he made a lot of friends and gets along well with his school teachers. >> reporter: luke is happy with success and praise. he does well with positive feedback, permanent loving family could make a difference. >> a family that loves to build stuff and cook together. >> reporter: build a house? >> clubhouse. work in a restaurant. >> reporter: box turned out to be beautiful. luke is hoping for a home with a box and a family that would be there to love him. >> never ending love. >> reporter: that's what you want in a family. >> yes. >> reporter: one that will love you forever. >> yes. >> reporter: barbara harrison, news4, "wednesday's child." >> wow. if you have room in your home or heart for luke or any of our "wednesday's children," call our special hotline. they are waiting for your call.
5:41 pm
1-88-to-adopt me. or we had a chilly day today. it is hanging in there. it is going to get hot. here is veronica. >> that it is. we will get another chilly overnight period to get through. i'm calling it cold and my son came running downstair was the short pants on again tomorrow. i'm sending you back out. it will be a cold start. no short pants. long pants today. we started out in the 30s. early part of the day this morning. real chill to the area. let's take a look. gaithersburg, maryland, montgomery county, 34 degrees was the start. likely to be just as low the temperatures tomorrow morning. 57 is where we are now. clouds drifting through the area. and you know what? tomorrow break out the sunglasses because you are going to need it. lots of sunshine through the area. 60 is your temperature. 55 for the evening. still a few clouds. by morning, 44. your high tomorrow is -- jim and
5:42 pm
wendy, 72 degrees. we have some nice kickback weather coming up. >> already. sounds like it. thanks. >> also coming up, people in georgetown are taking a new approach to get rowdy college kids to pipe down. >> on the way in sports, for the caps tonight, it is win or go home. we will have a live preview from verizon. >> we also have news about a dangerous scheme where they drug men and then rob them.
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5:44 pm
a look at the top stories. police looking for attempted abduction after 5-year-old boy. he was walking with his older brother when a man tried to grab him. the older brother pushed the
5:45 pm
child away and both ran to get help. police in prince george's county want to hear from a tipster that called them about a home invasion murder. it happened last september in an upscale neighborhood in bowie. the homeowner, tyrone richard n richardson, was killed. loudoun county school employees will have to take a pay cut in the form of two furlough days. this coming november. furlough days are scheduled for november 22 and 23rd. residents who live near georgetown university have been complaining for years about noise and drunkenness at student parties. >> well, now some of the neighbors are taking action. a new website called chris gordon joins us to tell us how this works. >> reporter: a controversy brewing. the photographer who publishes that website, was told to remove the pictures of the students, or his website could be taken offline by the
5:46 pm
server. tonight he has blurred the pictures but says on the site that house first amendment right to photograph has been usurped by the university. he's surrounded by students living in the eight houses behind his resident. a professional photographer who published books including his latest on the world war ii memorial in d.c. he's also posting pictures on his website, and pictures taken of stun parties in hib neighborhood. he is hoping to still the late night noise with still photography. >> last weekend they were quacking like ducks. there's chicken sounds. and it is just general drunken behavior, drunk and disorderly. the police were called six times. no tickets were issued. >> reporter: it is a quiet neighborhood but not on weekends or summer nights.
5:47 pm
air filters to create white noise on every floor of her home. trying to block out the parties she says disrupt her life. ann is an interior designer and would like to bring clients to her home to see her work and market her services. but she says she is afraid to. >> i don't dare do it because i don't know when a toga party is going to erupt. >> reporter: george opportunity university has been here since 1789. some students have a few questions for the neighborings are zblepts why did they choose to live near a college campus? i guess -- it depends on how unreasonable the students are acting. >> i was at a party a couple of day ace go two doors home from my house. it was maybe -- 10:30 at night on a friday. very reasonable thing. there were neighbors taking pictures of us to try to do whatever about that. so -- you know, i -- we see -- i see the conflict. lots of tension. >> reporter: georgetown says the university often meets with
5:48 pm
neighborhood leaders and members of the community to discuss issues like safety and quality of life. people with questions and concerns are encouraged to contact the off-campus student life office. but neighbors say that they have tried that and have gotten nowhere. that's the latest from the newsroom. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, chris. here's doreen gentzler with a preview. >> coming up on "news4 at 6:00," new rules affecting the airline industry start tomorrow. these new rules could save you time and aggravation the next time you travel. also, ahead, popular program offering big savings appliances gets under way in virginia. members of the navy may have to kick a bad habit before next year. we will tell you what and why. those stories and more coming up in just a few minutes on "news4 at 6:00." >> we will see you then. thanks, doreen. how's that goalie?
5:49 pm
>> kidnap him between now and 7:00. >> is he feeling ill? >> tried to give him bad milk this morning. >> that could work. >> unbelievable. this is a huge, huge game for the capitals. prime airily because no top-seeded team ever has taken a 3-1 lead and lost a series to an eighth seeded team. capitals on their heels after losing a couple to montreal but can change everything with a win tonight. the good news, folks, game search is on home ice. lindsay czarniak at verizon center. game seven, of course, nothing new for the caps but facing elimination in the first round when you are the best team in hockey. this will be a colossal failure if they don't win. >> reporter: the thing i was thinking, they could be cleaning out their lockers tomorrow. that's the last thing that any one of those players on the capitals' roster wants to see happen. they know what an uphill battle they face. especially after dropping that lead. today when i was in the locker room, guys were talking about
5:50 pm
stuff like how veteran mike knuble is so key in situations like this, how they are really leaning on his leadership to help guide them through tonight. the other thing is talking about how it is important for this team to really rely on that game seven experience. >> both of us have been in three game sevens. we sort of know what to expect. with that being said, we have to expect a lot more out of ourselves. we have to play the way we play. it is not going to be so much about what they do. it is going to be how we dictate the game. that's our feeling. >> we have done this to ourselves in the past. you know, we have been in this situation. there's no frustration or panic here. we just -- need to reply our game and -- yeah. >> reporter: defenseman mike green there, there might not be any panic. home ice advantage obviously is a good thing but you look at the history of this series and you can almost say that the capitals do a lot better on the road
5:51 pm
except for that last game, of course. imagine for a second you are making your nhl playoff debut tonight, game seven, first round series final game. that's exactly the situation for defenseman carl olsner. he was in herbie with the bears getting ready to play one of their playoff games and he got the call tonight because he's got to fill in for an injured tom poti. poti was hit in the face monday night. he's not well enough to be able to play this evening. tom poti is true wlin of the veterans on this team. watch the right side of your screen. he was back on defense. poti took a hit to the face. it was so harsh. he had to stay off the ice. take another look. he had to leave, right eye area. the injury was not directly impacting his eye. did it not affect his vision but the injury is much too serious for him to play tonight. should the capitals win, they will reassess when he can play next. poti received the third most ice time of any capitals player during the postseason. it is going to be a real adjustment without him tonight.
5:52 pm
olsner hoping to make the most of his opportunity. >> when i first got the call, nervous. now i'm -- i'm -- i think that it is weird how relaxed i am. i know that it is -- it is just a game and -- i play -- as good as i can. would love to see the team go further. it might be good for me. i wouldn't win. i want to win games. i love playoff hockey. it is hard not to beid for. >> it you lose players. people come in and chance to be heroes. it is -- you did a you -- that's what hockey is all about. battle oftration after a while when you lay a team seven straight seven times in ten days or so. >> bruce boudreau there. adjustment this team will have to make. an interesting tidbit is he could be pared with carlson. the two played a lot together in the minors. spent a lot of time developing
5:53 pm
chemistry. that's something that could be a benefit if they are out there together on the ice tonight. this is a huge game. i think the key is going to be on who can get out there first early on in the history we have seen the capitals have not done so well in the beginning of the games. they have to turn it on tonight. >> all right, lindsay czarniak. down at verizon. santana moss, big time players step up in big-games. they need their big players tonight. i know you will have more on that coming up at 6:00. thank you, lindsay. here we go. >> game seven. >> let's do it. >> thank you, dan. coming up, what do you tell your insurance company about this? yikes. >> ouch, that hurts. find out what it landed on. >> find out if the panda is pregnant at the national zoo. drugged and robbed. that story is next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
women are always told to keep an eye on your drinks. >> men are being told to do the same. police in miami are warning men to take notice. last six weeks ten men have been duped. it could be a ring of women highly skilled at flattering older guys who are wearing expensive watches. and in each case the men are drugged and wake up five hours later with their watches and their money gone. police say that the thieves have made off with at least $50,000 worth of cash and jewelry.
5:57 pm
>> why steal condoms when you can get them for free? that's what health officials at george mason university are trying to figure out. someone stole hundreds of condoms and other contraceptives from the school's clinic last week. what's even more frustrating is it issing the second time it has happened this school year. after months of anticipation, it is confirmed mei xiang is not pregnant. she had been experiencing a sue dough pregnancy the past few months. hormone levels and behaviors can indicate their pregnant even when they are not. this could be the zoo's last chance at a panda cub. mei xiang's lease expires this year. >> got us all excited. some say it sounded like a bomb going off or a tornado touching down. >> employees in an office building at 18th street and due upon circle could only watch as a sfrent an air conditioning unit crashed. >> reporter: he works for the
5:58 pm
non-profit group sunlight foundation. captured on video what many heard across due upon circle wednesday morning. >> my window is directly across from where the shaft was. as i'm looking out, i look at it every day. and i suddenly realize it was falling towards me. and -- popping off of it. the bolts on this side came off which forced itself to the right. and then wind gust came and forced it to the alleyway. >> reporter: the ventilation shaft was attached to the side of a building in 18th and n streets northwest. now it is bent and crumb crumple paper. >> we were serving customers. >> reporter: mike owns the 1800 cafe. located below the fallen ventilation shaft. he also owns the vehicles underneath it. >> i believe that -- he had no
5:59 pm
idea what was coming, what was going to happen within five minutes. i heard it. bang! >> reporter: the office mates were glued to their windows. he had just enough time to grab his video camera and hit record. >> i always have some camera on my person or near me. and like i said, this is at my work. my editing station. i have all my equipment there. >> thank god nobody got hurt. but then -- incredible. how could -- ventilation -- could just fall. >> reporter: thanks to noah he can go back and watch it online. near due upon circle, elaine reyes, news4. >> wow. >> that's it for five pif. >> stay right there. "news4 at 6:00" begins right now. somebody tried to


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